Wind-On Leader

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  • Gamefishing tests anglers strengths, determination, patience and their tackle. Wind-On leaders are an integral part of gamefishing tackle, and the range of Sufix Wind-On leaders caters to every need of Australia's best game anglers. Available in 30 to 400lb, there's a leader suitable to every line class imaginable. If you're a keen bluewater angler and want to save valuable time, why not try out the Sufix Wind-On leaders, we think you'll be impressed. 
    Made from 100% Sufix Supreme Monofilament, our Wind-On leaders are spliced to a heavy duty dacron loop for quick and efficient rigging. 
  • • 100% Sufix Supreme Monofilament line
    • Spliceable Dacron loop
    • Designed for trolling
    • Fantastic handling properties
    • Great abrasion resistance
    • Available in 30-400lb


    Spool Length Colour Available Poundages
    Wind-On Leader Clear 30, 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400lb

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